Wintertime can lead to a variety of foot and ankle issues, including unsightly calluses, irritating corns, dry skin, and discolored toenails.

Getting your feet spring ready for the warmer months will help them feel and seem their absolute best. In addition to promoting cleanliness, taking appropriate care of your lower extremities might reveal any issues that require additional attention. After a long, cold winter, it’s also a great way to unwind and reduce some tension.

Here are some of the most recommended measures to prepare your feet for spring:

  • Soak feet in lukewarm water: Spend some time keeping your feet submerged in lukewarm water and adding a few salts. This will soothe your feet and relieve them from stress.

  • Wash your feet daily: Wash your feet every day, thoroughly dry them, paying close attention to the spaces between your toes. Good hygiene is important to avoid infections.

  • Scrub your feet: Use a scrub that exfoliates and removes the dry, flaky winter skin on your feet and ankles. But, if you have diabetes, it’s best to talk to a podiatrist first.

  • Nail trimming: Cut your nails right across to ensure that your nails don’t get rounded or curled in the corners, which can lead to ingrown toenails.

  • Use a file: Gently scrape away the dead, thickened skin buildup from the heels, sides, and ball of the foot utilizing a file.

  • Apply nail polish sensibly: If your nails aren’t healthy, don’t apply nail polish, as it can make them weaker and prone to other issues. If they are healthy, remove nail polish periodically to allow them to breathe and maintain their healthy look.

  • Moisturize your feet: Massaging your feet with a generous application of moisturizer will hydrate the skin and boost circulation.

  • Footwear: You won’t always want to wear closed shoes that increase the temperature of your feet when it’s quite hot outside. Use this opportunity to keep your feet cool by wearing sandals. This will assist in keeping your internal body temperature cool while also making you more comfortable throughout the harsh heat.

As shoes wear out, their soles and heels push your foot to land at a higher angle, which can lead to tendonitis, fasciitis, ligament sprains, falls, and discomfort in your hips, ankles, and back.

Visit a podiatrist for an examination if you experience any nail or skin problems. To ensure that your feet look and feel their best throughout the more pleasant and hotter months, follow the above steps. Examine your feet regularly, and if you notice any strange problems or discomfort, visit your podiatrist.

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