You go to a pedicure salon to get your nails done and unwind in the process of doing so. A fungal infection, however, may never cross your mind, but you could end up with it if you are not careful.

These suggestions have been compiled to assist you in staying clear of fungal infections during your next trip to a pedicure salon.

1-Check the salon

It’s crucial to check your salon to ensure that the tools used to treat your feet have been sterilized. Make sure foot tubs or bowls are cleansed with hospital-grade antiseptic.

Check that the salon soaks its instruments in a cleaning agent to sterilize them. Please be aware that non-metal instruments cannot be adequately sterilized and can harbor germs due to their porous texture and design.

2-Don’t file a callus

The pedicurist scrubs your heel using a callus file made of metal or plastic, which is a routine procedure in most foot bath treatments. The tough skin is removed using this file, resulting in a softer heel. However, some hardened skin can be beneficial, so you shouldn’t completely remove it.

Your feet benefit from the hardened skin as a cushion, and removing excessive amounts of this can lead to infection and discomfort caused by friction from your footwear or when walking.

To prevent dry or cracked skin on your feet, moisturize your feet periodically rather than scraping off the healthy callus skin. Consider a warm soak and exfoliating scrub at home, or have your calluses effectively filed by a qualified podiatrist.

3-Check salon credentials

A certified pedicure salon signifies that the establishment complies with the necessary health, safety, and training standards. It is well within your right despite the unusual practice of asking for certifications. The certificates may occasionally be displayed in the waiting room or beside the register.

4-Skip the spa foot baths

As you can see, heated water produces the ideal habitat for bacteria and fungus, making spa foot baths one of the leading causes of pedicure infections. Bath jets, in particular, are particularly unhygienic. Although the jets can be enjoyable, avoiding tubs with these pressure-based controls is best.

5-Bring your own supplies to the salon, including nail paint, without feeling self-conscious! Although not all salons will be comfortable with this, a flexible pedicurist can use any tools you bring.

We hope these tips help you steer clear of infections, so you can enjoy a fun day of pampering worry-free. We are here to provide a solution if you have any questions or concerns about your feet. Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas can help to diagnose and treat any foot or ankle issues you might be experiencing. To schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn, NY office, call us today at (718) 266-1986. Our office is at 8635 21st Avenue, Suite 1C, Brooklyn, NY, 11217.

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