If you have diabetes, taking care of your feet is essential. Diabetes can affect the nerves and circulation in your feet. Below are some of our best foot care tips to maintain healthy and happy feet.

Inspect your feet daily

Individuals with diabetes should prioritize checking their feet daily, every day, for any cuts, sores, changes in skin color, and injuries. If you have any concerns, see your foot doctor immediately.

Maintain cleanliness and dryness

It is important to keep your feet clean and dry to avoid infections. Make it a habit to wash your feet daily using soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly, especially between your toes.

Apply moisturizer

To keep your skin hydrated, use a moisturizer safe for diabetics. Avoid applying lotion between the toes, as it can increase your risk of infections.

Cutting nails

It is important to cut your toenails straight across and never too short to prevent ingrown nails and infections. If you have trouble cutting your nails, seek assistance from a podiatrist.

Shoes and Socks

Wear comfortable and supportive shoes. When buying a new pair of shoes, it is best to try the shoes on and ensure proper fit. Always cover your feet with a pair of diabetic socks. They are specially designed to improve blood flow, keep your feet dry, and more.

Physical activity

Engage in gentle foot exercises and stretching routines to enhance blood circulation and preserve flexibility. Seek advice from a podiatrist to receive appropriate exercise recommendations according to your specific condition.

Consult a specialist

Diabetes can easily get out of control if you are not careful. It is important to be proactive in your care, including foot care. Any problem should be immediately addressed to avoid any serious complications. Your podiatrist is the best resource for all your foot and ankle concerns.

At Bay Podiatry AssociatesDr. Argirios Mantzoukas, our board-certified podiatrist, treats a variety of conditions, such as diabetic woundsbunionshammertoesheel painnerve painplantar warts, dry skin, and calluses. We provide excellent service for patients in the Bath Beach, Kings County section of South Brooklyn. Contact our office at 718-266-1986. Our office is at 8635 21st Avenue, Suite 1C, Brooklyn, NY, 11217.

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