Did you know each year, 69 Americans die of lawnmower accidents? Some are crushed under the machine or driven over by it. These lawn mower-related injuries affect Americans of all ages. Homeowners use lawnmowers to tend to their lawns. People must take every measure to keep their feet safe when using this powerful machine and other garden tools.

Preventing Lawn Mower Injuries

Among the overwhelming number of accidents caused by lawnmowers, many can usually be avoided.

Common sense and adherence to a few basic guidelines are required:

  • When maintaining your lawn, put on sturdy footwear or gardening boots. Never put on open shoes or trainers.

  • Mow Forward.

  • Avoid slips and falls.

  • Never drag an operating lawn mower behind you.

  • Avoid going up and down slopes with a mower, go across instead.

  • Never let kids ride in the back of a riding mower.

  •  Keep kids from playing outside; they should stay indoors when you’re mowing. Talk to them about the significance and the dangers of using machinery.

  • Even when they are turned off, keep children away from mowers.

  • While the mower is operating, avoid clearing the discharge chute or removing the grass collector.

  • Before adding petrol, switch it off to let the mower cool down.

  • Observe your surroundings carefully.

  • Utilize lawnmowers that can switch off automatically.

  • To prevent burns, keep clear from the exhaust.

 Additional Safety Reminders:

Never mow damp turf. Losing control of the lawn mower on a slick, damp lawn might result in accidents. Children’s products, objects, and pebbles should not be near the grass area. Those things could fly out from under a moving mower and hurt your feet, legs, or even someone around you.

As you plant or mow the grass, consider what you’re wearing on your feet. Grass and dirt may penetrate wounds and spread infection. By wearing the right shoes, you may avoid slips and falls, sprains and strains, overuse injuries, and life-changing amputations. Also, if gardening is making your feet experience pain, try changing your shoes.

 Have your ankle or foot injuries addressed immediately if you get hurt while mowing.

Podiatrists are specialists in caring for the feet, ankles, and lower limbs. They can aid in treating, diagnosing, and preventing various ailments. Schedule a consultation session with a podiatrist to address any foot-related issues you may encounter.

At Bay Podiatry AssociatesDr. Argirios Mantzoukas, our board-certified podiatrist, treats a variety of conditions such as ankle sprainsdiabetic woundsbunionshammertoesheel painnerve painplantar warts, dry skin, and calluses. We provide excellent service for patients in the Bath Beach, Kings County section of South Brooklyn. Contact our office at 718-266-1986. Our office is at 8635 21st Avenue, Suite 1C, Brooklyn, NY, 11217.

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