The most knowledgeable patients are often runners, and just telling them to stop running can make them seek care from a different specialist. Gaining the trust of a runner when they visit the doctor for the first time requires an understanding of training methods and running footwear, as well as the ability to pay attention to the patient when they discuss their pain and training background.

Foot problems are very common among runners, even when they wear the right shoes. Schedule a visit with your podiatrist right away for any foot-related issues caused due to running. Here we deep-dive into the most common foot problems experienced by runners:


For overweight and relatively new runners, stress fractures occur frequently. Your feet need time to adjust because they are not used to the new exercise. A podiatrist could advise something as straightforward as putting a cast on for a while or taking your weight off the foot till it recovers.

Ruptured Tendons

Achilles tendonitis is caused by inadequate warmup, excessive activity, and unsuitable footwear. Swelling and discomfort are brought on by little rips in the tendons and muscles of the feet and ankles. A podiatrist will frequently advise rest, ice, stretching, orthotics, and physical therapy, depending on the severity. It is best to assess the injuries as quickly as possible.

Heel Issues

For runners, plantar fasciitis is usually a typical source of heel discomfort. To avoid this kind of soreness, you must always loosen up and warm up before and after a run. After exercising, icing the heel is also advised. Your podiatrist may recommend custom-made orthotics and shoe inserts to help with pain management and additional foot and ankle support.


Podiatrists will evaluate a runner’s feet, lower limbs, and gait. A podiatrist may recommend strengthening activities for the muscles to aid with recovery from an injury or general discomfort.

The recommendation of orthotics is another crucial aspect of a podiatrist’s job, particularly for runners. The most common use for an orthotic would be to correct the biomechanical position of the foot, such as range of motion, posture and rotation of the feet.

Specialists in strength and conditioning are frequently well-connected to podiatrists. These professionals can offer advice on how to change physical strength imbalances through training.

Some podiatrists also provide treatments for runners, such as callus removal, nail trimming, blister drainage, and nail repair following injury.

By visiting a podiatrist frequently, runners can avoid suffering long-term foot problems. Running injuries may be avoided and treated by a podiatrist. They have the solutions and are happy to share them with runners so that they may maintain strong and healthy feet.

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